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illegal,immoral,impossible, just my style.

When hell is full ........

OMG GUYS this has been the weirdest fucking day day ever!. So I get dropped of at the library early this morning and a about  hour later of browsing my flist I read about some like a terrorist attack in Georgia i think? Well people are freaking out and theres some kind of anthrax or something and its infected people and theres rioting in the street . The intercom  comes on and theres a announcement that the library is closing because apparently the virus has spread to NH. So I call my dad crying and he comes and picks me up and on the ride home there were NO OTHER FUCKING CARS ON THE ROAD! 

So i start sobbing again and I think oh shit my cat! So as soon as we get home  i scream my lungs out calling for the cat and he comes in the house  and he seems fine.  My mom calls to say shes coming home right now and picking up my sister on the way. I try to calm down and watch the news with my grandpa , Oh god you guys  the local new channel is showing the riots and the victims and i feel like I'm gonna throw up.  My grandpa just shakes his head and says he use to see shit like this in  the war. So my neighbor comes over with some survival supplies and while he's there  the news says there is a  immediate disaster warning and to evacuate to the middle school because theres a bomb shelter in the basement. But mom and my sister aren't home and my grandpa is really old so we cant go yet. My neighbor invites us his house. They haves guns and a sword in the house because both parents are Navy reserves and  the moms an FBI agent.

So we waited at their house for like 4 hours and  we can hear helicopters,now I live in a little humpty town in NH and we get a helicopter or plane over head a couple times a month at best but this was like 5 helicopter all in the space of like 10 minutes, and by that time theories were all over the internet about the cause and somebody suggested ZOMBIES!  I'M LIKE HAHAHAH WHATEVER  but 15 minutes later there is a loud crash by the front door and my fearless neighbor runs over and looks out the window and there are people out on the lawn. My dad told me to stay away from the windows but I peeked and it was total Romero, really cliche with wounds and ripped clothes and dead white eyes.  Then I swear to god it was the coolest fucking this I've ever seen, My neighbor opens the door and fires his  shotgun out the screen door, BAM BAM BAM!.  ALL DOWN IN SECONDS! we always knew having that family in the  neighborhood was a good investment, they make us feel safe even in a zombie invasion! .  Once things are calmed down i finally get a call  even though most of the power lines are down  AND ITS MY MOM AND SISTER , THEY'RE OK AND THERE AT THE SHELTER!.  So we hightail it outta there out the back door and into the family van, my neighbor carried my grandpa and me  with the cat carrier and we made it the the shelter.

 Sorry for typos and misspellings I'm texting this  from some random girls blackberry, its 2 Am and we're still here . I just want to say I love you all and be safe

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