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Muskrats and otaku , a hybrid beast of mythic porportions pt.2

Ok on to the people i met and stuff I did

 On Friday the first  people I met were [info]wildgreentide and[info]madmadharri   out in the lobby,  talking to them kept me calm until I figured  where the reg desk was. then HOLYSHIT estrella30 came over and I squeed really hard and hugged her  and  and omg she has a baby bump! I was actually a huge dork and made her a little heart that said  TO: NAN! BABY , FUTURE FANGIRL.. Then I went to to reg desk and got my goodies,stickers and candy and a sex toy catalog and  my name badge, WHEEE . Then I met witchwillow who does great race and fandom meta and also shayheyred one of the only  other anime fans there, I spent a lot of time at the swap table and ended up with 2 bags of fannish junk including 3 free zines, then it was panel,panel,panel, etc.  I also  saw  [info] misspamela  (who looks like a really hot brunette Drew Barrymore with glasses ) and met sailorscully who had an arm cast from rugby and i was like OMG POOR BABY
During this time I lost $20 because I FAIL at being a responsible adult, thankfully food was provided at  technathene(Happy Birthday) and [info]charashi' kickass  hor'dourve  party were the food was SO GOOD omg . While waiting  for the food to be done I had I had a chat with brooklinegirl at the elavators and she showed me her canada tattoo . At the party  talked to  grey_bard and I was planning on buying a zine of hers but it didn't work out and  spiderine who not only is a wincest fan but also love Papa Winchester \o/. then I went down to the nightgames lounge but was too stuffed for cookies, so I just admired the hot fangirls  in corsets and high heels. As I  lamented going into the vid show WHAT IS A STRAIGHT GIRL TO DO WTH ALL THESE HOT ASS FANGIRLS AROUND?.  Then I metcesperanza OMG and she looks like her Death icon or Janeane Garofalo. and I asked her about her pony and she said she hadn't gotten mail about it in a while but it was good . Then at the vid show  we got half way through the first vid and the sound system went dead. BUT NEVER FEAR.helleboredoll andmrsronweasley( in HOR boots and and skin tight corset RAWR) told dirty jokes until the  hotel tech guys fixed it and we all did Paul Gross arms and cheered for our knights in shining tech! I would just like to say that the CON COMM  handled the snafu like true professional. I was actually sitting in front of astolat who's SPN fic I love who was wearing a beautiful asian style skirt that was really shiny , I tried to say hi but I don't think she heard me. All the vids were amazing but I loved mayatawi's(tattoos and muscles and a pretty white dress) SPN one the best . On Saturday the panels were the only big events so not much to say on that right now, There was a impromptu panel about writing characters of color but I have all the meta discussion about that I need  about that online .There was also a nice quiett writing time but I just ended up screwing around with glitter glue and looking at the arts or crafts table with porn printouts( BEST ART CLASS EVER) .Then there was a dinner at Bugaboo Creek,  which SUCKS AT TAKING RESERVATIONS PROPERLY, we waited atleast an hour and 1/2 for a table we had called ahead for. Because we sat down so late i wasntt able to stay and my mom picked me up and I was so upset I cried on the way home and forget to pitch in for the taxi( only my second time ever) SORRY EVERYONE . I would like to say THANK YOU to the CON COMM and every that came and talked to me and made me feel welcome. I love you all.

 Unless I actually write out my notes from the panels this will be the last MJ entry, actually I might navel gaze about the differences between MJ and the other  cons I've gone to (mosty anime cons) and what  that means about my fannish
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