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 Long time no blog, because I am lazy. But I return now to post a very late double con report. OK first up:

 This was my first LJ type con, so I didn't know exactly what to expect, I was really nervous because omg really talented fandom people including some BNF's were there, I had to make a good impression This was my first obstacle, I spent a lot of the time excusing my self and explaining I am a fandom nobody, I contribute nothing and it makes me feel guilty. I don't write  very well so I don't post what little fic I do write, and a beta would simply  take one look  my crap and run away . My art is either stick figures or the equivalent of a third grader scribbling monkey looking people with crayons. I also don't have Photoshop so icons are out. I am simply too dumb to articulate or understand meta (FAILING OUT OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE HELLO)   and vidding requires too many shiny buttons and a computer that is not ready to die any second. Reviews are a possibility but I am not very coherent and reccing requires actual taste (or maybe not?).... OK that’s enough pity party and excuses from me, moving on now... I think I succeeded in not being shunned ("OMG get the fanbrat noob away from me!"). I think I took the first step out of lurkerdom by participating in some discussion on the panels, and I apparently made some good points and people agreed with me and though I was funny. (LAUGHING WITH ME AND NOT AT ME! WOOHOO) I did take some notes on each panel but half of the stuff I wrote wasn't actually discussed out loud and I just brainstormed my own thoughts. I might post the notes later. I went to all the panels I wanted to but the Slash Closet and BSG and RL issues. I didn't care about the VM, House, or SN panels (although I'm sure they were awesome)
My second obstacle was I'm not in the dS fandom (although I think I have been converted thanks to all you CRACK PEDDLING HORS OMG) I think at times it was just a dS con, the in jokes and squee mostly fell on deaf ears. Although I did go the to dS panels because they were going to be the most popular and squeeful and I was interested in learning about the show.  Also what I do know of the show is that Rayk is more popular, and I like RayV (But RayK IS hotter  and apparently more slashy so ...)  But other than the general atmosphere of the con being dS centered  there was a great  variety of multifandom panels.  The SGA panels were cool, but Mcshep focused and since I don't ship them it was mostly for the tag along squee.  The SG1 Jack/Daniel panel was VERY SMALL, which made me sad because they are my OTP and I like SG1 better than SGA. I talked the most at the Minor Characters and Canceled Shows and the Canon/Fanon panels.  I enjoyed the HP panel in context f the end of the series. My FAVORITE panel was the SPN one though

  ok apparently once I get going I type ALOT so this will be continued in the next post




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