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Happy Birthday to me!

Today I'm 21 yrs old (LEGAL WOO HOO)!  Yesterday  I had a nice family dinner and my mommy made me chicken pot pie(My favorite when I was little and the last thing she ate before I was born) and German chocolate cake.  I only got some small gifts this year because tomorrow we're going to Connecticut to Foxwoods casino where I  can gamble for the first time, they also have a chinese  restaurant  we're gonna eat at and they also have a bar behind a waterfall and a nightclub and I'm gonna have my first drink and go clubbing. A triple whammy of adultness lol.

 We also might go to the Mystic Aquarium ,but we're not sure because of the damn snow (grrrrrrr) we almost had to cancel the whole trip and i was gonna cry.. Well at least it snowed on my birthday so thats a cool gift .But today kinda sucked  for a birthday. My dad yelled a lot about stupid things and we just had frozen pizza for dinner instead of something cool. But we couldn't have something special tonight because my sister was at work.Add to that that Boondock Saints(St. Paddy's Day near b-day and I'm not even irish) was not at the video store and the upstair tv is is screwed up anyway. But   I really have to suck it up,  because when I act like that i seem so spoiled . I'm TOTALLY AN ADULT NOW (a huh lol)   Anyway hopefully tomorrow the rest of my party can commence.

 Looking back at this entry and my whole LJ, You wouldn't think changed much. I still have horrible grammar , still lazy,still crazy. still totally dependent on my parentsm still no boyfriend. I guess looking at the big picture I have changed though. I never thought I'd graduate high school, get my braces off, have a license etc.. Now i just have to get a steady job, get my degree, and move out, maybe even go on a date  at the very least,hopefully all in the next year or so.... yeah right.

 Can you keep at secret?  Thats what I wished for when I blew out the candles. I hope it comes true.

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