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Conversation with myself..............

Notes to self:
1. start writng your fic ideas down Cynthia
3. kill the plotbunnies
4. or run away from them
5. do your HOL homework
6. see above
7.i'm serious, do it.
8. do your spanish home work
9. once again, DO IT!
10. put cat to bed
11. why have you not emailed Cynthia yet?
12.fix mIRC
13. eat more pie
14. stay up late and watch Adult Swim
15. pounce on Ami college essay
17. find your hairbrush
18. start your RPG journal
19. im hungry
20. exercise more
21. meow?
22. this is getting stupid
23. post to community journals
24.make cranberry necklace
25. send letter to Animerica
26. get more music

that's all for now

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