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I just went beserk on my mother because i was asleep and she called to ask

me what she could bring home for dinner and when i didnt pick up after

three calls she gave up and came home with nothing. I crawl into bed alot

during the day and afternoon and nap for hours becuase im lazy like that. My

family use to yell get angry and punish me but now they just let me sleep,

and if i wake up hours later and I missed my tv shows and dinner then thats

to damn bad, snooz ya lose. So i was freaking out and screaming WHERES MY

DAMN DINNER!!! OMGWTF STFU.( yes im an asshole, it was kinda funny actually,

just not for my mom) I slammed my hairbrush down on the counter and it

broke. My hairbrush is like my secruity blanket, i have a really bad OCD

ritual and phobia about my hair so my hairbrush comes everywhere with me. I

have two hairbrushes affectionatly named Mr.and Mrs.Brush...Mr Brush is

dead. So that snapped me out of it and apologized and hugged my mom and had

a sweet potato for dinner and now its all good. My brush is still broken

though :-(. Thank god I only know you guys from the internet,because if you

saw that you would not be my friends anymore.

But damn that hissyfit felt good

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