illegal,immoral,impossible, just my style. (digitalmeowmix2) wrote,
illegal,immoral,impossible, just my style.

I'm going through geek withdrawal

It feels so weird and not having Skiffy Friday and LOST!Wednesdays, My fandom shedule is really empty right now except for Tuesdays ,with NCI's, the Office, TAR and Blind Justice (half of them are on air at the same time, so I really need a Tivo) I've decided if i try to watch Veronica Mars and House too, i might explode. But the season finales are coming soon and then I'll just have to entertain myself with miniseries month on the sci-fi channel( DUNE! OMG I'VE HEARD THAT ROCKS!)

The commentary and reviews are the only thing i read my flist for these days because it was killing me to read every single entry every day like I had been doing forever. so now im trying to get back in the swing of things with everyday posts (especially recs and cool links).

This woman is a stunning goth/bondage model, (pics are pretty work safe just skimpy slightly kinky clothing

how beautiful is she?

it took me 10 minutes to even notice she only has one arm.

how cool is that?

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