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Alternate endings to various stories .

concerning the wank and drama over Threads and Moiebus part 2

AKA the Jack/Sam ship

First of all, i just want to say im a Bi-Shipper (I ship slash and het)
I think slash only people are just as scary as rabid het shippers


The Jack/Sam was painful because they just need to DO IT ALREADY (although Sam could have been done the whole dumping Pete thing ALOT better, because poor Pete) Also? Yes Pete was being an idiot becuase he was a nervous wreck!)

I wanted to kick them both, BE ADULTS AND DEAL WITH YOUR FEELINGS!

"Moeibus part 2"

The Jack/Sam thing? was really hot and adorable and OMG HET!!!
If their going to go all the way with the Jack/Sam thing(JUST DO IT ALREADY!) They need to to do what happens in the AU's in canon,
because its really works.

A couple of slashers on my flist are angry because they think there was some homophobic moments because of some weirdness in touching. Its AU people, remember how much Jack and Daniel have touched over 8 seasons?

On the AU thing,apparently technically everything since "1969" has been AU. Time lines make my head hurt so i really dont care, Great for fic ideas though.

All i care about is the characters being happy and together(in the team and occasionally ship sense ).Its supposed to be fun kids, dont make it drama.

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