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I'm falling off the edge please someone catch me....

To Flist

I love you people like crazy but when just one of your entries takes up almost an entire page in Microsoft Word , its time for a lj-cut

yes it is more than one person and no I will not say who, The fact that really upsets me is alot of the time these entries are really interesting and i really want to read all of it but this is just me being bitchy and i know its they're journal and stuff but i cant really digest their wonderfulness when its a bazillion words long and its like that everyday

calmed down now edit: If you you lj cut suff i still read it 50% of the time, so its not like i wownt be listening to you. It depends on the subject

Also? Im giving up on 50,000 word count for Nano, just 10,000 now

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