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I <3 geeks

OMGWTF!!!! Yesterday two boys called out to me in the hall at college and said they liked my Frodo shirt and my Hogwarts jacket and one of them was like "You have revived my faith in humanity by wearing that shirt" and I smiled and was like SQUEE!!! "Thanks" and I went back to class becuase I was nervous but then I went out into the hall again and pretending I was just walking by and they talked to me again. They introduced themselves as Joe (AKA Dragon!Boy) and Bill(AKA Hat!Boy)and Bill actually shook my hand and we talked abut HP and then he said "Im really tired and your making me tired by standing, sit down".Then Joe chimed in and said "Yeah take a load off" and Joe talked aobut The Dragon Riders of Pern books and we all talked about the HP movies and Joe had a Gryffindor wrist band on and I knew I should be in class becuase w're starting to watch Farenhiet 9/11 but I stayed for like 5-10 minutes, and I was like a normal person and my hair was clean and so were my braces and my clothes fitand they weren't dirty and I did'nt talk about my cat. Boys never talked to me all my life, no one talked to me. I have Aspergers Sydrome along with OCD so I'm really bad at being social appropriatly, so I scared people off. I never thought I'd flirt and have a boyfriend becuase I'm kinda a mess in a lot of ways but my parents tell me im pretty and wonderful but I dont believe them.I always just thought that I'd grow up and get desperate and go on blind dates and do Dating Ads in the paper when I was an adult and by then I would either have gotten better or potential dates would be more openminded.I'll probaly never see them again with my luck but if i do i can just be friends with them or I could date them and OMG SQUEE!

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