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A castle made of stars.................

I went to an amazing show at the Hopkins Center last Saturday.It was called Visible and invisible drawings : An evening with Ira Glass and Chris Ware, and it was wonderful . I love NPR (National Public Radio) because of its interesting and intellgient and stylish programming, I listen to it all the time, more than I listen to music. I love This American Life the most,which is a program that focuses on amazing and funny and sad stories about a different subjects each week, from sucide to a local diner to superheroes, this show covers it all in such an artistic and brillliant way.Ira Glass is the host, he's talented and funny and he has an amazing voice, and to my delight his voice is the same in person.Chris Ware does a comic book called
Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid On Earth,which i've never seen but i've heard of and now I plan on reading it.The two men worked great together and they had some interesting discussions.
Ira narrated a real life story about a young man growing up to love architechure and old buildings. Chris Ware made a short animated film to go with it. The young man described the the old buildings like living things, like belove people he grew up with. He grows up and meets another older man that shares his passion.They spend all day driving around Chicago looking at old buildings ,and when one was being demolished they would protest and steal parts of the building for keepsakes and perserve their legacy. One day the young man's friend goes to a building before him to start scavenging from a building while it was being torn down while the young man goes out on a date. They find the older man days later, crushed by falling debris, still holding a piece of the building he was saving. I coudn't stop crying

It was wonderful to see Ira Glass in person becuase his show is my favorite on NPR, and the stories he does make me really feel. Listen to NPR, it might change your life.

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