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But I won't forget where i come from.........

Stargate SG-1


Ping-pong is soso cute! Teal’c being a concerned daddy is squee. Poor Jack is gonna have bruises, Teal’c ownz in ping-pong. “Stick your fingers in your ears and sing” That is such a Jack thing to do. I loved when Jack and Daniel were walking and Jack went the wrong way. Word to the wise? Never ask Daniel “What’s up” unless you want an elaborate answer. “ It seemed so simple at the time” WHEE! Ry’ac is cute, but his fiancée is cuter (what’s her name?). “Your having the wedding here?” I love their touching and fake smiles and inside they’re panicking like WTF? *flails* “Does Jack know?” I’ll go find a planet” SQUEE! (Shit we’re in trouble!) Ishta the girl Jaffa reminds me of Xena, dude her and Teal’c are totally in love. Bra’tac! YAH Bra’tac, infinite love! “O’Neill of Minnesota”. So that’s were he’s from, not as cute as “Hammond of Texas” but still SQUEE! “Will there be cake? soapgatesgwunshoutout! Omgtheirsocanon, courtknee I have to sign up for this! YAH! Fiancée girl wont kneel! Jaffa feminism so cool! Horses and kids all over the SGC, Inappropriate touching!( loved that moment and im not even a Jack /Sam shipper) But come on people give it up, the horse is dead, put down the baseball bat! Teal’c kicks ass in battle, with a double staff weapon, which rocked. The wedding was cool, apparently Jack and Daniel were standing real close, I missed it, but dude their so already married. Dear PTB, we all love Teal’c, but please do some other character episodes.

Stargate Atlantis


Oh pretty mist! Hazmat suits are uncomfortable. WTF? Omg don’t take them off your gonna die!!!111oneone. Ford is smart he’s keeping his on. HOME YAH!

Weir: Are you going?? I don’t know if I am.
Sheppard:??? Um maybe ….
McKay: Screw you guys, I’m going home.

NOO don’t leave Beckett! “Not unless I screw up which is extremely unlikely”. Cocky! McKay is really hot. Omg their so happy to be going home *wibble* HAMMOND RETURNS! YAH HAMMOND! *infinite love* I missed him. Civilian clothes are hot. Debriefing, more Hammond! NO MORE PROMETHUS AND ATLANTIS? Whahh! *Wibbletastic* Narim! Simon again, I really like him, and omg their house and that dog, that’s the cutest dog ever! *huggles dog* Simon missed her, girl stay with Simon, I would! LIMO PIMP! MOBILE for Shepwore, and Teyla is his bitch! Teyla is like Barbie; she’s all “YAH consumerism and capitalism”! Sheppard’s bachelor pad rocks, he has a Johnny Cash poster! But dude he totally wants a family to fill it up with *wibble angst* Teyla likes beer, beer good. Sheppard you idiot don’t let dead people come in your house. The nickname Shep is now canon. 2nd best scene ever. “No new messages”
*wibble angst* Poor McKay. *hugs her Rodney* poor thin is in denial .DIE CAT SITTER LADY DIE! Rodney belongs to Carson! I want to see the kitty! POOL PARTY! That song is so corny. Pizza boy! Ford and telling war stories. I see dead people, shoot them! BEST SCENE EVER! McKay taking a nap in BOXER SHORTS and that SHIRT! * Infinite love and squee* Watching Outer Limits! *geek love* (Weren’t like half the cast of Stargate on Outer limits episodes before Stargate?) OH NO! Don’t send Ford back to Antarctica! Poor puppy will freeze. Wibbly confusion!

Weir: ? *clothes change*
McKay: ? *clothes change*
Weir: ? *clothes change*
McKay: *freaks out*

“ Tiddle tiddle bing bong”! “A thousand dancing hamsters”! * mega squee and McKay love * Shiny mist Hammond and shared hallucinations *team love* “this isn’t life” *angst wibble* “I should have known, how do you go from “you’re a pig but I like your cat” to “hi, wanna go out”?” *angst wibble squee * “Let’s go home”. *wibble* “Double fake out”. Hee!

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