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Amish jokes are always funny!

New episodes are tommorow and I'm just getting these reviews out of the way to catch up. So thats why their really short,An extra week to do the reviews and I stil end up doing it the night before :-(



Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny, omg this show is on crack. SQUEE!
WHEE! Civilain Clothes!Sam and Daniel are so cool, I love Sam's car . That reporter lady called Daniel handsome! sososcute! Pretend Thor is cute, so is Daniel shrugging it off when Jack and Thor beam out.Poor assistant guy, I liked him, not much else to say,



Rodney was in science fair, he can build an atomic bomb!My Rodney love is increasing! Also some great Sheppard/Mckay snark love in this episiode, and Amish jokes which were cute. why is Teyla alaways smiling? The bitch is evil and knows something we dont.

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