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familar faces haunting me

Dude, I've been noticing actors from different fandoms alot lately, I see these actors in different things and when I realize its them my face lights up and i squeal and I say "OMG THATS *Insert name here* SQUEE! but i always call them by their character's names. like the time I saw Summer Glau on "Cold Case" and as soon as I saw the name I was like "River is crazy! I saw Adam Baldwin in "Independence Day" and I actually watched some of it just to see him and the whole time like when he was on Angel I was singing "The hero of Canton" song. I also saw him in a horrible sci-fi movie i forgot the name of (the kind they put on after stargate, and it had a baby dino, no fucking kidding) but he had a son ! Jayne with a kid! so i watched some of it. I saw Julie Benz in Jawbreaker and "Satan's school for girls" (watched it for Julie i swear)I also noticed the guy who played Narim on stargate is a soldier in X-men 2 ,I almost didn't want him to die even though he was evil.

Its like multi-fandom heaven, I love it. I told me mommy that and she said,"that just means you watch alot of TV, its nothing to be proud of" BUT I AM!

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