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Freaks flock together

I recently attended my family reunion up in Pittsburg NH in the montains.We stayed at my grandfathers old cabin on the lake where his ashes are laid to rest, my aunt and uncle and their two kids own it now. We go there every year to celebrate my grandparents.Its a five hour drive but its worth it. I have always loved these reunions becuause of all the fun we have and the wonderful nature around us ,and of course campfire smores and BBQs,until recently that is,you see my cousins are all girls near my age and they almost always boyfriends, and they bring ther boyfriends there and pay no attention to the rest of us.Of course that doesnt make much of a difference becuase no one in my extended family but a select few really GET me, im a black sheep. But i enjoy hearing stories about my mother growing up in a house with six kids and tales of my grandfather and grandmother I never knew.(apparently my grandmother was wacky just like me)I always manage to have fun though.

A poor little mouse was killed in the cabin by a mousetrap because it got into my aunt Jane's candy.She said it deserved its fate.My uncle Mike made a small VIKING BURIAL BOAT for the mouse with a sail,a dragon head mast,burial shroud,and a sword and bed for the impending afterlife.We set it on fire on the lake until it tipped over and we threw rocks at it(My entire family is going hell.) While I performed a wiccan style funeral prayer.The next day we found the offspring of the dearly departedmouse,five baby pinkies which the girls and I attemped to nurse back to health for the rest of the weekend, the adults were no help , they made cruel jokes about throwing them in the lake and such. I blame their negative vibes for the death of all of them but one, which my uncle Mike's dog ate.

My aunts kept breaking the grill in which my professional chef uncle John made use yummy BBQ and we went Moose watching(there is not much for entertainment up there in the mountains)My uncle doug who lives in Arizona with his china doll looking wife who loves windchimes and hummingbirds and is very childish who we never see was there. He is like a guru or something to my aunts and uncles. He is the oldest of them and is depressed alot and hast heat problems and some OCD like me. He knows everything, he is wondeerful.He use to gives use little tacky gifts(we call him the trinket man) and send us on scavenger hunts and we would be his cabana kids. Each of the aunts and uncles took a private moment with him.

I love my family , even if the don't understand me at all

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