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Teal’c lives in a nice neighborhood, it’s so nice to see him off base. He laid the smack down! Shaft! Teal’c, Squee! Jack is getting used to being the boss. “Not really rules as much has guidelines”! POTC shout out, Pirate Jack That’s sosocute!( it took me days to remember were that was from , I gotta watch POTC again) Jack logic is not like earth logic. Daniel has to go smooth things over again; he’s such a diplomat. Teal’c watches home decoration shows, so very gay! The conversation about morals was really sweet and true. Krista bribes with cookies and is pretty, “leaky pipes” hehe… Teal’c’s got a girlfriend and Daniels embarrassed and amused “exceptions to every rule” soso cute. PETE!! YAY PETE! THE RING! Asdfghj!!!! 1111oneone OMG THAT ROCKS, say yes dammit! I am such a Sam /Pete fangirl. Krista’s abusive boyfriend is hot, dude I’m just saying. The scene with Jack afterwards made my heart ache, I love the little details like how she handed the ring to Jack like she wanted his approval, because you know she did. How Jack slammed the box shut and she winced, it was a beautifully written Jack/Sam scene. The question at the end “What about us, what if things had been different?’ It’s true if thing had gone differently there might have been romance, but like Jack said he and the rest of SG-1 and even earth wouldn’t be there I love how jack pointed out in the argument that she wouldn’t be the only one in the SGC with family, which was a really sweet reference to Sara and Charlie. He also pointed out the fact that Pete is cop, he can handle danger just like real life cops and firemen and soldiers handle it. I love how when he and Sam talk about relationships with Teal’c he babbles on about history and culture and she rants about how much romance sucks,” Aren’t we talking about Teal’c”? “I though we were” their not much help. I love my geeky dysfunctional team! I thought Krista was evil but at least Teal’c got laid before he went back to the SGC. SHE SAID YES!! OMGWTF asdfgh!!!! 1111oneone WOOHOO! …. Oh crap now Pete’s really doomed.


“Poisoning the Well”

Yay Beckett! Finally some screen time. “You’re a very generous man Carson” soso cute! Beckett /McKay! Beckett is scared of the Stargate too, poor skittish wibbly Scottish man. Perna is pretty name, but I don’t like her, she gets in the way of the Beckett/McKay. (yes I’m aware that rhythms, now hush.) On the other hand I loved Sheppard’s expression when Beckett started flirting with Perna, McKay was ticked off though, He was all like, he’s mine BEEYATCH, or maybe that’s cause she didn’t shake his hand and he got all offended, but I’ll pretend it’s the first one.” Mckay/Sheppard snark! STEVE THE WRAITH!!!! Infinite love! Maybe Sheppard shouldn’t get to name things either. Weir needs to stop whining about all the decision making she has to do, I think she needs a whaaaaaambulance. Hi Steve! Bye Steve! Squee! Soso cute. Beckett is afraid of everything, its kind of annoying in a cute sexy wibbly way. Dying guy is hot and wibbly. OH NO WTF STEVE IZ DED ! BRING BACK STEVE! Oh look Perna’s dying , world’s tiniest violin honey, your cute but you gotta go so we can have angsty Beckett, there much better. There is so much hurt/comfort Beckett/McKay love in this episode, (goes off to write fic) I really liked how this episode played with Beckett’s emotions and developed his character, hopefully there will be more Beckett episodes soon

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