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Girls just wanna have fun....

I have infinite love for

amesworth and buckybamf

they are sisters, and my huggly muses


FaeKitty18 [7:07 PM]: i am talking to 2 fuller girls at the same time
Seafan2468 [7:07 PM]:
FaeKitty18 [7:07 PM]: infinite love and glee!
Seafan2468 [7:07 PM]: whats up
FaeKitty18 [7:08 PM]: the sky
Seafan2468 [7:08 PM]: lol
FaeKitty18 [7:08 PM]: and my coolness factor
Seafan2468 [7:09 PM]: wow...and all of the above
Seafan2468 [7:09 PM]: lol
FaeKitty18 [7:09 PM]: for i have found my spacemonkey
Seafan2468 [7:09 PM]: ok so when are you going to school
FaeKitty18 [7:09 PM]: in a week
FaeKitty18 [7:09 PM]: *flails*
Seafan2468 [7:10 PM]: lol...are you going o be driving?
Seafan2468 [7:10 PM]: or no/
FaeKitty18 [7:10 PM]: not driving yet
Seafan2468 [7:10 PM]: oh ok...
FaeKitty18 [7:10 PM]: a stonewall thwarted me in june and my parents have been nervous wooblets eversince
Seafan2468 [7:11 PM]:'ll evcentually get to drive...:-D
FaeKitty18 [7:12 PM]: yep

Seafan2468 [7:13 PM]: ok well talk to ya later...i'm a little busy...bye bye
Seafan2468 [7:13 PM]: 8-)
FaeKitty18 [7:14 PM]: farewell
FaeKitty18 [7:14 PM]: and remember

FaeKitty18 [7:14 PM]: spacemonkey loves you
Seafan2468 [7:15 PM]: lol..I love the spacemonkey too ....bye


FaeKitty18 [7:06 PM]: your sister is on as well,
Speedbump5050 [7:06 PM]: i kno
FaeKitty18 [7:07 PM]: i have entered the twilight zone
*plays music*
Speedbump5050 [7:07 PM]: haha
Speedbump5050 [7:07 PM]: she's on the comp. downstairs.
FaeKitty18 [7:08 PM]: dude, just shout down to her if you wanna talk to her........... communication in the family these days.. geesh

Speedbump5050 [7:08 PM]: lol, i'm not talking to her..
FaeKitty18 [7:11 PM]: good

FaeKitty18 [7:11 PM]: then she knows nothing of our secret plan
Speedbump5050 [7:11 PM]: what do u mean her? I kno noting of our secret plan...
FaeKitty18 [7:12 PM]: you apparently missed the memo
FaeKitty18 [7:12 PM]: silly girl
Speedbump5050 [7:12 PM]: oh.
Speedbump5050 [7:12 PM]: darn.
FaeKitty18 [7:15 PM]: this shall be remedied
FaeKitty18 [7:15 PM]: *gives you secret plans*
Speedbump5050 [7:16 PM]: um, thanx.
FaeKitty18 [7:16 PM]: spacemonkey is in charge
FaeKitty18 [7:17 PM]: please send the beginning of this convo to me in a email, it shall be in my lj
Speedbump5050 [7:17 PM]: good.
FaeKitty18 [7:17 PM]: everyone shall know of the sausage named zeppel
Speedbump5050 [7:17 PM]: um.
Speedbump5050 [7:17 PM]: i don't have that...:-(
FaeKitty18 [7:17 PM]: okie dokie

FaeKitty18 [7:18 PM]: i shall do a funny dance as subsitute
FaeKitty18 [7:18 PM]: :-) *dance of joy*

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