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Taking lives

Stargate SG-1


Jack died omg!. His reaction when Tealc' told him was priceless! Teal'c played Doom and Def Jam Vendetta SQUEE!He's video game geek!."Those Matrix films confused me" classic Jack! Pretty rainbow guns!!!."Your not real"and Sam and daniel looking at each other like WTF?. I like Dr. Lee , he's a geek, geeklove! The love the camera work in this episode and the CG animation rocks,except CG Daniel is ugly. I swear to god i just heard them say pornographic sensor!
Cloak of invisibility? um dude wrong story. Poor Walter! Daniel's evil again *yawn*.When Teal'c gives up and just sits there i wanted to cry. "Creepy". soso cute. Joystick! GEEKLOVE! "You did it again!'"what did i do this time? "JACK TO THE RESCUE!! "I'll do it!" teamlove! STOP SHOOTING DANIEL! OMG Daniel whumping!. "Crap!"Poor Danny! "It will not let me out".WIBBLE!This whole episode is like one big geeky .Hack//sign reference, which is awesome."Let's do thing together!" The Daniel/Teal'c love is infinite."Freaking out"!HOMESTARRUNNER YAY! Jack is sqeamish hehehe. Precog! Daniel is really cool,EVIL SILER OMGWTF!!!111 Team love turned hate is scary. This wa a great Teal'c episode and it really helped develop his character.

Stargate Atlantis

"Childhood's End"

Mckay talks about Sam! SQUEE!! Sam/Mckay love. Ford's compass has gone "wonky" soso cute. Those treehouses are teh pretty, very neverland like."Veal is delicous!" SNARKY LOVE! Mckay does not like kids, which is adorable, but hes so cute with them! Ford on the other hand loves kids and gives them chocolate! SQUEE!LOVE .He would make a good babysitter. "I'm not a quiet person"."your mean!" "Thank you for finally noticing!" BEST LINE EVAR!!!."Old man" LOL!. Mckay made Casida cry! BAD RODNEY! (go to my room for a spanking!). Rodney broke the thingy and is morally superior, uh duh!I like the suicide pact plotline, even though its been done before.The Atlantis team need to clash with other cultures like the the Stargate team does all the time, it wahat makes the show great with the moral dilemmas, also I'm a angst whore.

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