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War and Peace

Stargate SG-1

OMG Daniel’s hurt again, what a surprise. The timeline in this episode is really confusing. I love how they came through a museum exhibit that was a cool idea. The WW1/WW2 stuff was cool at first but then is got boring .The love interest girl was cliché although she was pretty, all Daniel ever does is die and get hit on. “Squirrelly! “ I love that line! He snapped at Carter because he wanted his Daniel back, Daniel speaking Goau’ld! Soso cute! This episode wasn’t that good, there was too much war stuff. OMG I so sound like a ditzy fangirl right now, OMGWTF!!!! 1111 where iz teh J/D shippiness and eye candy, I swear I really do have and like substance really. This is a very short review, because the new episode is on tomorrow and I’m trying to keep up. DAMN YOU FANDOM AND YOUR SPEEDY ARTICULATE REVEWS!!!! Especially my flist, I am always in awe of my flists commitment to fandom. That’s one big reason I love fandom so much, we can go from articulate intellectuals to crazy fangirls in 0.2 seconds, um ok im totally off track so im gonna stop now.


Oh great, an episode about Mary-S-…. I mean Teyla.
Oh goodie, Sheppard /Ford to distract us! Turkey sandwiches! “Your just like a kid”. OMG SQUEE! Pretty skylight in the puddle jumper bay. *Is distracted by shiny objects* McKay likes hospital food! *Writes hospital food! McKay/Beckett fic* McKay got shot! Twice!Paralyzed McKay is cute! Poor Sheppard, MY GIRLFRIEND IZ NOT AN EVOL HOR! No, you are though. Since when did Teyla become a ninja? THEY FOUND LAND WOOHOO .Oh no! No more Halling and Ginto! *wibble*


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Aug. 12th, 2004 07:54 pm (UTC)
Better reviews than mine, lol. I missed most of them both because I was attempting to watch them at a family gathering, and then the tape I taped them on ran out not even half way through "Icon". Piece of crap.

What I did see of "Icon" confussed me to death, possibly because of both the time line, and the fact I only caught bits and pieces. Grrrr.

Payed more attention to "Suspicion". Caught the hospital food bit, though, right away. Laughed insanely at my horrible, dirty mind making horrible, dirty conclusions and got funny looks from my brother-in-law and neice.
Aug. 12th, 2004 10:11 pm (UTC)
aughed insanely at my horrible, dirty mind making horrible, dirty conclusions
bwahahahaha!!! my brain so didn't go there, but now that it has, I can't stop giggling. :D

Icon was confusing, and I have yet to see an ep this season that wasn't at least a little disappointing. I'm still lovin the show, but I think they're pouring a bit too much into Atlantis which I'm adoring and fangirling over to a fault.
Ninja!Teyla was interesting. I'm really concerned about life on Atlantis without the Ethosians. They are part of the interesting dynamic.

(I'm still laughing about the dirty conclusions of Rodney liking hospital food) :)
Aug. 13th, 2004 09:35 am (UTC)
oh, god, I was just so happy that they found land, perhaps now
the whole show can rid itself of that damn "lost in space"
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