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And ticking clocks....


“Zero Hour”

Poor General! Jack has lots of paper work and meetings, he is very overwhelmed. I love Walter! Chevron Guy and I’m glad he has more lines, and he makes a cute assistant. I love how Jack kept trying to run away whenever someone came up to him. “Do I really need him?” “Yes”. That was adorkable. Hi Major Davis! I love you soso much, he’s so cute with the “bickering like children” bit and the hand gestures. Only General! Jack would lock alien delegates up in room together for a “time out” I squealed really loud at that part. Um hi , remember us? YOUR FRIENDS and FORMER TEAM! They are so ticked at Jack. “Snippiness? Is that even a word?” Teal’c and Daniel trying to cheer Sam up, and Teal’c couldn’t stop smiling! The missing team love (OMG THE LOCKERS!) made me wibbley, as did the email to Hammond, but the way he Jack wrote it was very funny and very Jack. Everybody say “Hi Baal!” Finally a villain that is not the suck and is not old and boring, and lets face it, much hotter than an EV0L SWIRLY THING OF DOOM!Pierre Bernard, from Late Night with Conan O'Brien!!! OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! He's such a fanboy and a stargate geek and he loves anime too! Camulus / Camel-ass! is very hot, I hope we see him again Oh by the way, Colonel Reynolds is so my sekrit TV boyfriend. The speech about being there for Jack? I have so much love for him. The alien plant subplot was funny, I liked the Little Pet Shop of Horrors reference, and Dr. Lee the scientist is cute and nerdy. The plant reacts to light and Jack switches off the light! YAH! SG-1 is back and Jack is so going to drag him to his house for a party because he missed them. Jacks trusts Sam! YAH AGAIN! “Never mind”.


“Thirty Eight Minutes”

What’s with the time reference tie-in? It’s kind of cool. It’s better than last time with the EV0L SWIRLY THING OF DOOM! In both, makes it more subtle and connects the shows and the worlds really well. I know I can’t be the only geek that got the reference to the title with out even thinking, and why the hell didn’t Weir know that anyways? But I digress…EWWWW! BAD EVIL BUGGY THING! No sucking the life out of the hot Shepwore flyboy! Being stuck in the gate is a cool idea and it was awesome how the ship was split in two. When the show started with that I got confused but then I realized that with the flashbacks it works better that way. McKay is freaking out and he makes me want to hug him. (He does that a lot, just like Daniel, but for different reasons). Although I have to admit the “Im going to die!” routine is only cute for so long. Why thank you for that completely useless info Teyla, you can shut up now. The Sheppard/Ford love is everywhere in this episode. Hurt/comfort galore. Ponytail guy can die now please, bastard. McKay can never remember the Czech scientist’s name, and neither can I. Ford gets to be a hero this time, and it looks like its Teyla’s turn next week, this could get old fast. I really wish he had meant to say, “take care of each other” instead of some Sheppard/Weir shippy thing. I’m convincing myself he just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to go to Atlantis, but Het shippers will have a field day with it.

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