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Darkness comsumes me


Russian guy is cute, awwww poor Vasilov, Jack is a meanie to Russians; I don’t think he’s ready to give up his position on the team just yet anyway. Teal’c has an apartment! Wheee! He’s so proud of him self, Daniel wants to know when the party is, which just demands to be ficced, Team love fics rock. Teal’c looked nervous at the idea of cooking, Sam is so cute. Potluck! Jumping up when Jack came in! I’m a J/D shipper but I love Sam. THE POTATO COVERSATION! OMG THEIRLOVEISSOMASHEDPOTATOS. Russian guy angst! My sister though he had cut himself, I shall convert her to the dark angsty side very soon. Daniel tries so hard to keep Jack out of trouble, “equal opportunity offender” describes Jack perfectly. Vasilov is sick OMG! I miss Janet.Daniel shooting up the gate room was fantastic, although Evil! Daniel has been overdone. The split second decision on Jack’s part was great. Instant J/D angst, just add bullets/radiation poisoning/mind control. WHO SHOT ME?? BEST LINE. EVER! The eye rolls and invisible pointing going to Jack was priceless. EVIL SWIRLY THING OF DOOM ! Stupid Anubis, just die already, this isn’t DragonBall Z!. The “Meridian” implication was sad and hard to watch, and I’ve never even seen Meridian. Daniel speaks Russian! SO HOT! .The snarky bit in the office, “I know, you shot me”. He’s never going to live that down. Body jumping? I am confusing and wibbley. (exact quote from my reaction to that scene) Go Vasilov! He must have learned how to be a martyr from Daniel.


“Hide and Seek”

The ultimate McKay/Beckett scene! Mice, soso cute. Fic will be posted soon concerning the mice. The conversation on the table while McKay is getting the gene shot was perfect subtext. I love Halling and Ginto. I want Halling to be my father; seriously he is the best daddy ever. The boys like violence. “I shot him!” Sheppard’s so proud. Invulnerable! McKay is awesome. Oops the shiny shield thingy wont come off! Poor McKay! “Im gonna die!”never got old, just made me want to hug him, I love my spastic whiny geek! FOOTBALL VIDEO! Soso adorable and boyish. ANOTHER EVIL SWIRLY THING, has gotten old now. THE EV0L DARKNESS IS PASTEDED ON YAH! Teyla might be evil! NO SHE’S A GOOD MARY-SUE!. Where is Ginto? Wibbletasic, I love my little Ginto wooblet. Beckett is concerned for McKay! AUGHH! Rainbow Sun/Ford (soso gay) got burned! “Pretty boy”! Sheppard/Ford! McKay getting scared and the shield thing falling off was like watching a puppy getting scolded, his whole body just sulked. He “fainted /passed out from manly hunger”, SQUEE! That so sounds like a something Xander would say. The whole base being dark is such an excuse to write pr0n. HERO! McKay!!!! I love my Rodney! The inside of that cloud was teh pretty. “Thanks for not saying that other thing”
Soso cute! HAIL MARY!!!

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