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My first 4400 fic, more to come soon.

Title: Entropy

Author: Digitalmeowmix2

Fandom : The  4400

Rating: PG-13

Summary: he was just wasting away in that bed...


Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.

The hospital bed looked more like a coffin, the crisp white sheets and the smell of cottonballs and alcohol filled the tiny room.The  EKG's constant beeping made his ears ring and his head pound. His hand was shaking as it hovered abouve Kyle's chest.  "Its ok now man" Shawn whispered . he had the power , the power to give and take life, it was a gift.For three years his cousin had laid in that bed wasting away, and he might never wake up.He concentrated,"I'm sorry Kyle, im here to set you free".He laid his hand on the other boys chest and felt his life drain before him .Between the tears streaming down his face his whispered "Death is my gift".

The monitor stopped.



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