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Fic Rec time again

Bill and Ted overlook the universe By Tallulah Rasa

Fandom is SG-1

From the title it looked like a harmless fluffy humour fic , this is the prelude....

Overlook :a place to stop in order to see the overall picture, view or situation. To miss obvious or important aspects of a picture, view or situation.

Back at the SGC, Jack doesn't want to think about it.
He doesn't want to think about it, but he has to, because his Daniel was on the ledge, and their Daniel lost his head. Once is a fluke, but twice is a trend. Next time it won't be some alternate universe Daniel, or an android Daniel, or Daniel under the influence of some alien technology. It will be this Daniel, here and now. And it will be his fault, because it will be his gun, and he'll have left the drawer unlocked.

And i forgot to breath

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