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The opening scene was pretty, I really liked the ship,
but dude, cryptic much?The underground base was cool
and i like their uniforms with the flags on them.
OMG the scared scottish guy named Beckett i love you forever!
I also love Mckay tring to convince him to sit in the the chair. McKay /Beckett is so my OTP. I'll say it again , I like the new Dr.Weir.When she said "Heck even I'm afraid of the thing" it made me like her even more. Poor McKay wants to have the SUPER SPECIAL DNA too, I want to hug him to cheer him up I loved how Daniel had to come back after a minute and say "come with me". SQUEE! McKay wanted Daniel to be wrong, he's just a smidge jealous.

The helicopter scene was great, the giant killer squid were cool. I loved the Sheppard/Jack banter."Well that was new" "For me? Not so much". Just one of the many reasons why Sheppard wll never be the new Jack. YAH! Jack and Daniel are together again, they so missed each other.I think Daniel got jealous of Sheppard.Of course Sheppard just has to sit in the chair becuase we've all been tempted to sit in the SHINY RECLINER OF DOOM.Jack is possesive of his Daniel ,and its so slashy and wonderful.I loved the second helicopter conversation,it was so snarky and adorable.But Jack should not be saying things like "whack".I expected Sheppard to give him a look like WTF?

The saying goodbye scene and the speech were sweet but corny. I along with the whole fandom adored the "Can i please go?" "No Daniel." scene. Once again he's very possesive of HIS Daniel. When they went through the gate and Sheppard was whispering because he was scared and he asked Ford what it felt like and he joked and said it hurt like hell and Sheppard looked worried,that was one of my favorite parts, and i would so be immature like that and showboat going the gate.I really like Ford now becaue he's all rookie-type and hyper.I was planning on making Sheppard/Mckay my OTP but Sheppard/Ford is really cute.

The Atlantis base rocks, and its even cooler when it goes above water. Its so much prettier than the SGC, but i guess thats what they were going for.Jack sent champangne, that was really funny and very Jack like. They kind rushed them being in danger but it worked, like having a new house that has leaky pipes and stuff. Im pretty sure Sheppard/Teyla is gonna be the new Jack/Sam , but atleast Teyla has a bit more personality than Teal'c had in the beginning .

Wraith ships are cool and so are Wraiths, very evil demented elves . When they came back and Sheppard was talking to Weir and she was like "JUST SHUT UP" that just added to my growing Weir love. The whole Gateship VS Puddlejumper arguement made me sqeaul. I was kind glad to see Sumner die,but it got rid of a potential pairing.The gate out in space was a cool idea and Sheppard got to be cool pilot boy.I really love Beckett and Mckay. "How more out can you get" SOSO CUTE! Sheppard was so happy to get his own team. YAH! THE END!

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