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Merged with the Daniel Jackson

I actually got nervous before the premiere,because i didn't
think i was ready for more canon.but it was wonderful and funny
and squeeful.Everbody seems to hate the new Dr. Weir but i like her,shes a bit more human than the first one. Poor Daniel has to stay back, he is not a happy camper. Although the it gave us an excuse for a Sam/Teal'c moment, turkey sandwiches and talking about family,so cute!I want Thor as a pet,whenever i see him i just want to sqeaul and hug him like a plushie!
The political stuff was semi interesting but it also made my head hurt, the plus side is I now want Ameratsu's dressThe Replicator ship was awesome , it was kind of matrix like.I love Fifth he looks like Elijah Wood and he has beautiful eyes and hes so evil and cool and sexy.I love how Sam mentions in the torture scene that emotions and compassion are what being human is about and he just say "Im not there yet"
Sam/Fifth is my new OTP, the illusion was cool with the pretty house and farm but her hair sucked, and i kinda like Pete, hes funny and sweet and he keeps Sam away from Jack to make way for Jack/Daniel.I like Fifth better though, definite Buffy/Spike vibes there. The whole Jack merging the the Daniel Jackson scene? OMG SLASH CANON SUBTEXT!!! So much slash in that scene and Daniel's reaction was cute.I loved Jack inside the ship and fooling around "Talk amongst yourselves" so funny, and I really like
when he woke up how concerned Daniel was and their bickering "Did too" "Did not", about the weapon which was also really cool.and I laughed so hard at the "Teal'c whats with the hair?"
I love the fact that the boys all called out to Sam and were so happy to find her, and the way they had a team meeting about Jack's promotion.The team love moments are my favorite part of the whole series next to the Jack/Daniel moments. The whoel revil clone of Sam was totally a Buffybot copycat but it makes me love fifth even more. I cant wait until the next episiode!

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