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The future lookes uncertain....

I have wanted to go to Chester College since freshman year, but its kinda far away and expensive. I've already been accepted and im almost ready to drive thiere myslef.Im also taking a summer course there now, But thats is not good enough.I am not worthy or deserving of college apparently. My father insists i should go to Middlesex Community College not only for summer ,but for the fall as well and "Work up to Chester" until I've "Proven myself to be worth the expenses and effort". At Middlesex they take anyone , all you have to do is sign up, they take every idiot off the street (no offense to community colleges)I told him this and he said it was the same thing with Chester , how dare he say my dream school is worthless, just becuase its an art school.Now i dont hold my self up too high, and my hopes are not high either.But i atleast want to go to a school that has standards .My father refuses to pay for Chester if i dont "prove myself".

God i hate him.

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