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"The ones that love us never truly leave us"

I saw POA, i loved it. My favorte part was the fact that Sirius/Remus is now subtext!canon.The hug and Sirius talking about Remus's heart. made me sqeaul, and of course the now famous "like an old married couple" line. My other favorite aspect was seeing Harry and Sirius interacting, post OOTP their relationship in the movie takes on a whole new meaning,
I almost cried.

I loved how Daniel actually acted in this one, along with the fact the Gary Oldman was excellent and so was David Thewlis . Now Hermoine was very Mary-Sueish but she carrried it off well,and Ron was funny wihout being stupid . The Hermoine/Ron subtext was cute too.Draco was a bratty winp, as he is supposed to be, fans need
to remember that there is adifference between fanon and canon! Just because your write him as charming with sercret pain does not make it true.

"Did you see her come in?"
"You tell those spiders Ron."

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