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What i like about you...........

 This is such a good list!

"What I like about fandom and slash" by    spiritkitty 

1.I love the free and liberal use of profanity.
2.I love the sense of humor.  Being in fandom is like being in on one huge in-joke.  Nothing has made me laugh as hard and as often as the stuff I've seen in fandom.  
3.Slash appeals to the romantic in me.  It is like one huge encompassing and ever ongoing love story. 
4.It's all about the girl power.  My apologies to the men in fandom, but if slash is not a girly thing then I don't know what is.
5.I like experimenting with my own limits - seeing how far I can go before I am squicked beyond return.  This amuses me to no end.
6.I love slash authors and their creativity.  I love that I can see a pairing or a concept and say to myself, 'that will never work,' and then read it and be so totally convinced, so totally sold by the author that my ordered little world has to turn sideways to accommodate the new perspective. 

And then, of course, I love that I can never go back.  Can never put my brain back inside the smaller box.  There have only been two boxes so far that I wish I'd never opened, two links that I wish I had never clicked on.  And no, I won't be telling you what they are.
7..I love the authors and their willingness to write anything, to push their own limits and write things that are not safe, but are dark and angsty, scary and uncomfortable.  Things we are raised to believe it is not proper to explore, but things that are just as much a part of the human consciousness as the light and happy.  And then these writers go and share this stuff with the world.  Internet anonymity aside, it must take courage to do this. You gotta respect that.
8.Oh yeah, the smut, how could I forget.  Yes, it's all about the smut.  The glorious, glorious smut.   :)
9.I love phrases like "respecting the pretty".  I like the idea of "the pretty" as a tangible thing.
10.I really like the word squeeeee!  It makes me want to bounce up and down in delight.  You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

11.On the whole I find the slash community to be very respectful of the fact that people's preferences and squicks vary widely.  Ship wars aside, there is a relative lack of judgment about what anyone's personal squicks/preferences are.  I love it that people put warnings up in front of their fics and I think it is just so adorable when people warn for fluff.   
12.I love that fandom is dynamic and organic.  It's constantly growing and recreating itself.  And thanks to the gloriousness that is the internet, it is immediate, right there, always on, always available, all the time.
13.I love seeing people use the phrase,

"I am so going to hell".




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