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WARNING this is just a test................

One Friday we had a lockdown. 2 hours laying in the dark and silent underneath a table covered in gum on a disgusting puke colored diseased carpet, also some kid stepped on my head .I had a OCD attack and spent the rest of the day surfing the internet in the library. Then I went home 20 minutes early and took a shower. Some kids i know "died" along with the whole SWAT team because they had the wrong gas masks. We had no outside communication in the school and we all probably would have died, nice to know we're safe. 0_o

Also not a good idea to put hormonal teenagers in a hot dark room together for long periods of time. in inspiration of this fiasco, an original story drabble.

The air conditioner had never worked as long as anyone could remember. Lucas had taken off his jacket an hour ago, but it didn't help. Brian giggled at the stupidity of the whole thing as he flicked his lighter. Lucas stared at his figure by the light of the small flame. They heard the SWAT team banging on doors down the hall. Brian dared him to ask, "Who is it?" when they came to their door, He agreed. The knocks came closer. Lucas swore it was his heart. Finally it was time, Lucas meant to open his mouth but instead he ended up on he ground with Brain on top of him. “SHIT Luke I was kidding” he growled. He had meant to punch him or call him an asshole, but before he could Brian moved closer. “What the hell are you doing? Lucas yelped. “If this is the end of the world there’s something I need to do first” and then he kissed him, silencing him from the pretend chaos outside. The knocks passed the door and went on down the hallway. So there in that hot dark room lying on his back on the hard dirty carpet, he knew if the time ever came that he wouldn’t be scared.

“And it’s the end of the world,
as we know it and I feel fine.”


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