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These are the best days of your life.

Went on senior trip Wendsday to York Beach Maine. The weather sucked and the arcade was closed but i got to walk around with other kids all day without my parents or an aide.My parents were afraid i would get lost(I've been going there since i was a baby) or lose my money or worse get kidnapped or left behind. Because of course I'm incapable of breathing without having a spaz attack and screwing up, but i showed them! I blew all my money on candy and sparklers( i ran around yelling "IM THE SPARKLER FAIRY") and I handled the money myself, I ate breakfast (with good manners!) with some other kids, and met a very gay southern shop owner and his rainbow sweater wearing dog. since I knew were everthing was a I lead the way and I showed the kids some cool stores with freaky illegal stuff in it like bongs and samurai swords. Then we went to clambake at Foster's and i had clam chowder and discovered i had a tick in my hair. After we went out back and I played hacky sack with some cute goth/skateboarder boys. The next day my spanish class went to Margarita's for lunch and the food was delicous and some kids actually sat with me. This was a good week except for Friday, a post is in the works with a explaination.

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