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We hope to not fade away.............


 Before I say anything I just want to thank the entire cast and crew of Angel for five years of an incredible show. Thank you for entertaining me and giving me inspiration. I’m going to try to do the show justice by making a long thoughtful and philosophical post  like the ones on my friends list. But I’m not that good at giving reviews unless its fangirl rants, so bear with me.

In celebration I ate Angel food cake and drank V8 juice (blood) and made a toast.   I decorated the TV room with posters and quotes. I also downloaded the theme song and danced to it one last time. I thought if I gave The End a ceremony that it wouldn’t hurt so badly. I think it worked. I thought I would be upset like most fans. I thought would cry like most people but I didn’t. For a while I felt guilty because I thought that made me a bad fan, but it did affect me, just not physically.

I love the character of Wesley and was heartbroken to see him die. But when I think about it was a good end for him.  He died in the arms of the woman he loved, he died happy, and isn’t that all that matters? His death meant something, just like Fred’s did. He accomplished something is death, he made Illryia feel emotion. He was finally able to make her understand humanity. That was his legacy and his tribute to Fred’s memory. I loved the whole “Lie to me” scene. It was beautiful.  Now then can finally be together again. Yes I am a Wes/Fred shipper, but I also ship Wes/Angel.

Lorne shooting Lindsey was great. I practically cheered .I love Lindsey. (Well except for that whole “fake Doyle thing.”) But come on he was so going to screw them! I loved when Lorne shot him how angsty it was. Lorne has never been a fighter, but he did it because he had too. That was the final straw, doing something so violent broke his spirit.

I have always loved Connor, but this episode and “Origin” gave me a reason to. Connor has finally realized he loves his father, he understands the sacrifice he had to make to protect him. Its finally been made clear they love each other, no matter how much they hurt one another. People complain that Connor is to whiney, well so is Angel we just call it brooding! My favorite line was when Angel said, “ As long as your ok, they can’t destroy me”

I loved the finale. I loved that the characters came full circle and grew up so much. The ending was kind of a cliffhanger, but as Joss Whedon said redemption is ongoing, they will never stop fighting, so in a way the ending fit. It also works great for fandom contributions like fanfic and virtual seasons because you can do so much with it. I think I’m mostly just telling myself that because I don’t want to be disappointed. To everyone that didn’t like the ending, I just have to say this GET OVER IT!!! Don’t let it spoil the whole episode for you, and it was a wonderful episode.

This is the end of an era; it’s the end of the Buffyverse
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.



Ok now on to the fangirl portion of this post, I made notes while watching the show, and this is what I put down .Its mostly just quotes and favorite scene, with commentary by myself.

      “ I want you” (Can you hear the slashers squeal?)


    “I’m gonna rephrase that” (Theirloveissoslipofthetongue!! 111)


        “Try not to die”(Um thanks, love you too?)


        Poetry by Spike /William The Bloody (SQUEE!)

      “We don’t live in a fairy tale”(Bitch finally makes some sense)


     NO AMULETS! (He’s learned his lesson.)


     Harmony’s recommendation (Yes she’s a evil bitch but I love her.)


    “Yes, lie to me”(Its all very simple…)

 “You were concerned”? “Yes”.  (I love Illryia!)


“This wound is mortal”. “Aren’t we all?” (Poor Wes, snarky even in death)

Hamilton licking (Shades of Jayne finally showing through)


“Wolf, Ram, and Heart”. (Having “Damage” flashbacks)

“Good night folks”(Poor Lorne, goodnight sweet green prince.)


“I wish to do more violence!” (Exact reaction of fans)

“You show up and the world isn’t ending, please?” (Once again SQUEE!)

Lord of the Rings style charge (Dude, wrong set!)

“I’m feeling grief”. (Join the club)

People who don’t care about anything will never understand those who do.”“Yeah, but we won’t care!”(Good point, and definitely something
Jayne would say)

“As long as you’re ok, they can’t destroy me”(SQUEE again!)

“The one word you shouldn’t have said? (Go ANGEL!!!)

“None of it matters”(But you fight anyways, that what makes you champions.)

“My perfect day”(one where the show isn’t ending

“Lets make it memorable” (Don’t worry, you already have)


and finally  “I wanna fight to dragon!” (You mean the WB?)

Oh by the way “Thank you”?  Fuck you WB!
You’re not our friends!

  Finally the creative ending to this post.

 A drabble inspired by the ending.


  He remembered the rain, how it soaked every fiber of his being. It was frustrating, he kept telling himself it wouldn’t help, it wouldn’t make things right, wouldn’t wash away the sins no matter how hard he scrubbed. He remembered the cold, he thought being a vampire made him immune to the cold, but this was a different kind of freezing. He had been so cold, that night too. But that had changed; when Connor was born the rain didn’t make a difference. He instantly felt something akin to warmth. Real human warmth filled him. He felt that warmth now too, here in the rain in this alley just like before. When he had heard Spikes voice and Gunn’s footsteps. Illryia had come and told them about Wes. He thought that would chill him to the bone again, but instead it ignited him .His warmth turned to heat and the heat became flame. He set the world around him afire and hoped that if he was to turn to ashes that his enemies would be consumed along with him.

 James Marsters said the closing scenes of "Angel" represent a dark moral: "Being a hero doesn't mean you succeed in saving the day. It just means you tried."

-From the Forum


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