August 16th, 2004

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What did for my summer vacation

Title:Hot Wet Hogwarts Summer
Fandom:Harry Potter
Summary: A day at the beach

Harry James Potter, the boy who lived, the youngest seeker in over a century, and the greatest enemy of You-Know-Who, doesn’t know how to swim. He does however know how to sink like a rock, drown in the shallow end, and flail like a spastic dolphin caught in a net, Dudley taught him here skill well in the community pool, holding him underwater until he sputtered to the surface amid hundred of screaming toddlers in floaties peeing in the pool. Hogwarts students were on their first summertime outing in the French Riviera, and the day couldn’t be more beautiful. Students frolicked on the only completely non- muggle beach in Great Britain. Cooling down with enchanted ice blocks that never melted under their beach blankets and umbrellas the changed width according to the amount of shade. The muggle born students seem to be taking to the beach as, pun intended, fish to water, while the pureblood children such as Malfoy and Ron seemed to be having more trouble with the transition from land to sea. In fact Ron was to busy fighting a losing battle with his quickly melting ice cream cone to even notice that Malfoy was being such a wimp that he had to cast a heating spell on the surrounding water before he even set foot in the tide. Harry was finding it hard to listen to Hermoine’s instructions on how to stay afloat seeing as she was wearing a brand new pink bikini, and each time he lost his train of thought unconsciously ogling her he sank like a boulder, and she was becoming quite cross with him. Finally she threatened to charm some magical floaties on his arms, and from the pure dread of Malfoy seeing him that way he finally snapped out of it. By the end of the day as the sun set and they returned home, it was plain to see by Ron sticky hands, face and swim shorts that the ice cream come had being victorious in their epic battle, Ron:0 Ice Cream: 10. Professor Magconagall made him wash off in the waves, and he had ran into the sea, given a loud yelp and ran immediately back to shore, his teeth chattering loudly all the way back to the castle.
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