August 15th, 2004

digital kitty

"My shoes are better."

I went to Border's for 4 hours on Sunday, where a cute little boy came over to me and said hi, he then proceeded to show me how his toy alligator could do tricks by throwing it up in the air and yelping loudly. He sat down next to me and asked me my name. I said Caroline and he said that was a pretty name ,and that his was Trent Tell. He said he liked my pink kitty mary-janes but that his spiderman shoes were better.I agreed as to be nice, even though my shoes are DEFINITLY THE BEST EVAR!!!!!1111 then he said i was pretty and that all the boys would fall in love with me. Then his grandpa came over and Trent in an attempt to show him he had made a new friend hugged me and kissed my knee and said he loved me. He then left with his grandpa

I have made a new best friend forever. atleast a boy hit on me for once, who am I to be decline the advances of such a gentlemen?
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