May 5th, 2004

digital kitty

The Golden Giraffe....

My Aunt Honey died on monday.She and my mom were close because she reminded my mom of my grandmother.She was so damn stubborn, she had heart problems and diabetes, but she never took her medicine, she had been smoking since she was young,thats all she did was sit around and smoke.Whats even worse is she lived with a lifetime friend who we call Aunt Elly, even though she was not really family.They were in the army together, they were best friends, neither ever got married.They just had each other and now Elly has no one.

She gave me a little gold giraffe necklace when we went to visit her in Florida.I thought it was ugly but i kept it. I immediately grabbed it when i heard,its by the computer right now.My mother is laughing in the other room, she says shes just not going to think about it. I cant stand to think about it either.

I love you Aunt Honey.
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