April 13th, 2004

digital kitty

Who needs reality?

Anime Boston was fantastic! I went to the following panels:Yaoi and Shonen-ai (I missed the 18+ Yaoi panel because they changed the shedule ) Yuri, Mythological Anime,Sailor Moon, Writng Good Heros and Villains, and Adult Swim Revolution and Voice Acting Workshop. They were all so interesting! My faves would have to be the Sailor Moon panel( It made me remember why i love the series so much and how it got me into anime) and the yaoi one(soooo much fun and the discussion was hot)I also saw Whose Line is it Anime? which was funny and had some yaoi references too. I went to both dances and mostly spun around in circles until i got so dizzy i had to kneel down and ground my self.I also attended the AMV's which i didn't get to last year, the videos were really good , I like the song from Oh My Goddess one and the Key the Metal Idol one was perfect right down to the lip-synching. The Masquerade was so awesome that it was worth waiting in a 2 hour line to get in instead of watching in my hotel room, not to mention some nice people gave me their left over chinese food for dinner(Yummy! Thank you!) I danced around in the ballroom while waiting and held up a sign that said SCREAM !!! and people actually did it. I also fangirled people in the balcony and a Shuichi cosplayer threw down a drawing for me. I actually hugged the Best in Show winner and took his picture, he was so hot! I also made friends with a girl named Casey and she was cosplying from the video game Shadow King(?). We played Cup,which is hacky sack with a paper cup while waiting in line, a Mana cosplayer kept score and adorable little boy X cosplayer joined in . I went to the dealers room twice and spent $100 .I bought 3 yaoi doushinji , 2 Harry Potter and 1 Trigun(Vash/Knives!!!!!) a FLCL Haruko poster, a Saiyuki pencil board, 3 charcter pins (Rabien Rose from Digi Charat, Haruko from FLCL and Vash from Trigun) 2 boxes of Pocky and one Ramune soda. I loved how the yaoi doushinji dealer was yelling YAOI! GET YOUR YAOI HERE! marco-polo style and fangirl sqeauled and flocked. I never did get to meet angelic_minx and kiryuu1 but i did catch a glimpse of entropygirl!
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