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He said, she said.........

I scored 4/10 on my LJ Friends Quiz.
How well do you know your Livejournal friends?
LJ Friends Quiz by hutta

digitalmeowmix2's Friend Fusion
...journal is for you and only you, and having it online makes you able to choose who reads it. people can ...... we'll see what happens. God is good and will provide, one way or another. Well, netwiz and I went to ...Jack/Daniel Het: eh. Daniel/Sha're. But it's not an 'otp', more like 'the pairing i can stand most' heh. Girlslash: Sam/Janet Incest: ...users off your friends of list if you ban my LJ is friends only now I am exercising this option..but ...some celebrities' names. ;) Coke-Sponsored Rover Finds Evidence of Dasani on Mars : Mmm... Dasani... best tasting water on earth. (And ...through canyon park, I was staring out the window in a glazed fashion and in a place I'd never expect, we ...what reason?]: murdering bad! What kind of question is THAT?!. [Person you wish you could see right now]: my sister or ...looking for flaws in the logic. Finally he remembered: "He's not happy." That made Angel look at him. "Think I would've doing this?” God looked up at the stars that sparkled overhead. “What exactly?” She sighed, looking down at her outfit ...I totally recommend this movie. If you have never heard anything from Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, you truly ...
Make your own LJ Friend Fusion

LJ Friend Fusion by hutta

Gibberish is fun!!!!

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