illegal,immoral,impossible, just my style. (digitalmeowmix2) wrote,
illegal,immoral,impossible, just my style.

Part of my nanowrimo

the room was about as big as two regulation basket ball courts, with  water stained steel walls on all four sides, littering the walls was a
mass of graffiti so thick she had assumed it was paint until she walked closer. the place smelled like mildew, oil, smoke and sweat and had  
flourescent lights and pipes checkering the ceiling. there were  about 30 dirty mattresses and some assorted sleeping bags stewn across the floor.

At the end of the room of the room was a  chainlink cage that reached the ceiling, ,there was a padlock bigger than her fist on it, inside were
shelves of food  and water and other supplies stretched out like a grocery display. As she took all this in, Lukas watched tensely, he
seemed about to speak as a loud rumbling assaulted her ears." The 5:30 subway to Queens"  he  explained as the noise faded "You get used to it".

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