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Treebeard attacked my mother..................

Went to christmas tree lot a couple weeks ago, and a tree fell on my mother and nearly knocked her over, days later My cat Dominos attacked the tree and did knock it over in revenge. It was defending my mother's honor, how cute.

and now in other news...........

I SAW ROTK!!!!!!!!!

I went with my family with a Very Secret Diary excerpt taped on my back, it read "Finally king,GO ME!". I loved the whole movie, there were a couple nitpicks such as the lack of the the Saruman in the Shire scene, also the Denethor scene...WTF? Was that really necessary? But other than that, it was amazing. I <3 Sam! It was great at the end where he kissed Sam's head, I told my mother this and all she said was "Oh well I thought it was kinda gay, lots of men kissing" She has no idea that thats the point!I am completly blown away, this better win the Oscar!

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