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The data streams are overloaded


 So that whole "remind myself to post more and have others remind me " thing didn't really work out huh? (Thanks anyway SailorScully!)

Ok so heres a confession, For months, maybe even a year of more, I didn't read my flist

Feel free to defriend me now! :-)

The reason is the reading of my flist was becoming too frustrating, I have OCD, really bad. Its gotten ALOT better with meds and therapy,  But I still have relapses and rituals,over the past 2 years maybe I have developed a ritual of rereading everything multiple times, even just words and random sentences. Its the reason  I have still not finished DH or even HBP, (although I am spoiled for both, it sucks to be a slow reader,and some people have already stopped cutting for spoilers, which is ok).  This really hurts me, as a big time reader and someone who  read earlier HP books in days.

This also hurts because I read ALL the entries on my flist,  (because this is the one thing I'm a completist at)no matter how long or boring,or i did until i started using filters(thank god for filters, and tags omg) My flist posts A LOT, EVERYDAY, )its hard to keep up for a normal person! But how the flist feature works is its only skips back =995 ( unless theres a trick to get around that?) and when someone updates the qeue pushs back and and  entry at the very end of the qeue is deleted off the calender, so you cant skip a whole month back (WHICH SUCKS and should be changed) It takes about a week to fill up  with all new posts (at least on my flist)  If someone posts something on MONDAY and i  backread my flist  next  THURSDAY its too late to see that  post. I finally figured out that Instead of reading backwards I should read foreword, less lost posts and makes more sense, and ihave to start reading on Friday or the weekend  if I ever wanna be finished for next week, If im not able to start that weekend i never mind reading my flist and just store it  all on GOOGLE DOCS   to read it later (read: never)See how much frustrating logic stuff it takes and what i small window i have to do this?

 I know im overreacting and working too hard  and making myself crazy on whats supposed to be a simple fun thing. But the whole point of LJ and fandom is to interact, and even if I cant talk back to people because i have no talent to contribute and am shy and stupid, I CAN KEEP UP WITH THE CONVERSATION IF IT KILLS ME!

 Ok back to saving my flist to GOOGLE DOCS, I'm  to last Sat/Sun! I'm on skip=400, and I'm stopping  when i hit yesterday(Monday)  to start all over again! Maybe when I'm finished I can post again.

PS. This also causes a problem with switching to another journal service, no way to take my WHOLE flist with me

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